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Tarp Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tarpaflex make made to measure tarps?
Very sorry at the present time we are unable to offer custom made tarps.

Are Canvas Tarps Waterproof?
No they are not. Canvas tarps are water resistant as they are natural material they are biodegradable after a while. Canvas tarps allow items covered up to breath helping prevent condensation build up which often happens with poly tarps.

How long will it take to receive my order?
All tarp order are processed and shipped within 24/48 hours from the date of order subject to the items being in stock at our warehouse. If we are out of stock of the product you require one of our sales representatives will notify you by phone or email suggesting a different size or color or informing you of when your order is likely to be in stock. Canopy orders take longer to process and ship. We need a window of 3/4days for processing during peak summer months this can increase to 4/5 days. Shipping also takes longer due to the weight and size of most canopies. It is therefore recommended that you allow plenty of time before you need a canopy to avoid disappointment. For more information about shipping please refer to our Shipping Page

Which Tarpaflex Tarp offers the best protection against the sun's rays?
Tarpaflex Silver Heavy Duty tarps are the best as the polyethylene material is made with a black base mesh which helps prevent the sun rays penetrating through the tarp. Tarpaflex shade screen/mesh tarps have 70% shade protection however these tarps are not waterproof. All Tarpaflex tarps are supplied with a U.V inhibitor

Will Tarpaflex accept purchase orders?
Yes from Government departments, Schools, Universities, Utility companies and large corporations etc. Otherwise we request payment by credit card, debit card, Pay Pal or check/cash/MO

Is it possible to return a Canopy/Tent or Tarp after it has been opened?
Sorry once the package has been opened, we are unable to accept any returns. If you need to return an item that has not been opened due to a change of mind you will need to send it back to us in an unused condition and we do mean unused. The inbound shipping to Tarpaflex needs to the responsibility of the customer. Upon safe receipt of the return item we will refund the cost to you via the means you paid for the item less a restocking fee of 20%

Are we able to collect tarps directly from the warehouse to save shipping costs?
Yes we are open from 9am - 5pm Monday to Friday. During time of hurricanes we are able to accommodate customers by special arrangement outside these hours. Please call before visiting us to make sure we have the size and color you require

How to cancel an order?
By phoning 239 643 0877 and speaking to one of our friendly sales representatives. Please note we have a huge amount of orders to process every day therefore should you give wrong address information or want to change an address, this will result in a miss routed package which will incur a $12.00 re delivery fee. Furthermore if the item you ordered has already been shipped and you cancel the order you will also incur at $12.00 fee plus the return shipping charges.

Do You Split Orders
Occasionally we do ship split orders. For example if we ship a tarp from our California warehouse and you have ordered tarp accessories this will ship from our Naples warehouse. Please note the customer is not charged anything extra for split shipping.

Do Tarpaflex Tarps stand up to windy conditions and the best way to secure a Tarpaflex Tarp
Yes. However it is essential that the tarp is tied down properly if it is not it will tear and the grommets will fall out .Tarpaflex therefore cannot be held responsible for weather related damage to its tarps. We always recommend using bungees cords wherever possible these are available at on our web site at. It is also recommended to tie down the tarp with rope by fastening the rope around the item to be covered. Furthermore grommets are provided as an aid to securing the tarp they are not designed to have pressure applied to them by ratchet straps or any other misuse. We strongly recommend the use of extra grommets

Are Tarpaflex Tarpaulins guaranteed?
Yes they are. All our products are guaranteed waterproof & free of defects at the time of purchase. Therefore if your tarp or canopy has a defect due to a manufacturing fault we will replace the item free of charge. We always request a digital photograph of the fault and request this is emailed to . Our warranty does not cover for usage even if grommets or tarp rips within 24 hours of purchase. Tarpaflex will not accept any responsibility for the misuse of our tarps for warranty claims.

Will your Heavy Duty Tarps be suitable for a replacement Canopy Top?
Yes most certainly either the White Heavy Duty Tarps or the silver will be an ideal solution to your replacement canopy tarp. We do not recommend canvas tarps for this purpose.

The Tarpaflex tarp I received is shorter by 6" than the size stated please explain cut size.
Cut size is the industry's standard way to manufacture tarps. To explain cut size when tarp importer in the USA or any other part of the world purchase tarps from the manufacturers in the Far East we purchase the cloth for a tarp which is say 12' x 20' this is the cut size. This poly tarp material being 12' x 20' is then made into a tarp. However by making and bevelling over the hems and adding grommets this shrinks the tarp by 6ins or more. Giving a finished size of say 11ft.6ins by 19ft 6ins.
How do I determine the quality of the Tarp purchased by mil thickness or weight?
A mil is a measurement of depth equal to 0.001 of an inch (0.0254 mm). Although mil is used to measure the thickness of the tarpaulins it would be correct to assume the thicker the mil the thicker the tarp this is correct. The biggest problem for the customer is to be able to measure the mil thickness. The way Tarpaflex like to sell its tarps is by weight. Poly Tarps being made from a plastic raw material are an oil based commodity therefore you should focus on the weight when purchasing tarps not so much on mil thickness as this is more difficult for the consumer to calculate.

Tarps Advisory
Tarpaflex Poly Tarps can be used for so many different applications and most cases do a very good job. We have thousands of satisfied customers. However, customers should remember that poly tarps from the economy grade to the heavy duty tarp grade are relatively low cost coverings. Please do not expect poly tarps to stand up to the punishment that heavy PVC truck tarps stand up to, these tarps cost thousands of dollars and therefore can stand up to very heavy punishment for many years. Poly Tarps from Tarpaflex and other tarp vendors do a very good job they are durable and will last for prolonged periods of time and give you good service if used properly. Any questions about our products please write/ email or fax to the following.

What methods of payment do you accept?
We accept all major credit cards. Visa, Mastercard, Dicover Card, American Express ,Pay Pal, Checks, MO and of course cash..