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The History of Tarpaflex

Tarpaflex, a leading provider of polyethylene tarpaulins, dust sheets, and other polyethylene products, was founded in the mid eighties by Robert and Grethe Page. Together, they used their twenty-plus years of business and sales experience to turn Tarpaflex into an international supplier of polyethylene tarps and products

The Beginning

While working as a senior sales representative for Ruberoid Building Products, Robert was offered a position as sales manager for Kiwi Trolley Bags, a company that manufactured blue, polyethylene woven bags. Under Robert's management, sales increased drastically, with the bags being sold in most major supermarkets

Eventually sales levelled off due to market saturation, and Robert saw an opportunity for the company to expand its polyethylene business. He proposed that the company begin selling waterproof polyethylene garden furniture covers, as well as blue and green poly tarpaulins targeted towards the construction industry. Ultimately, the company decided it couldn't take the risk, but Robert and his wife, Grethe saw an opportunity too good to let go.

Tarpaflex is Born

In the mid 1980s, Robert and Grethe launched Tarpaflex. They rented an 40ft trailer from an old truck to store the tarpaulins. This enabled Tarpaflex to store the tarps from the first import, which Robert quickly sold. The business grew rapidly, and Tarpaflex began to supply tarpaulins and dust sheets to builders, agricultural stockists, wholesalers, hardware stores, and more. Eventually, Tarpaflex captured a large market share of the UK's polyethylene tarps business, which it still maintains today. In fact, Tarpaflex is a multi-million pound business.

Bringing Tarpaflex Across the Pond

Through countless trade shows, business trips, and family vacations, the Pages fell in love with the U.S.A and decided to settle in Naples Florida. In 2006, in order to obtain permanent residence, Robert and Grethe set up their tarp business and Tarpaflex US LLC was born. With many suppliers and contacts already in place in the states, Tarpaflex gradually obtained a strong foothold in poly tarps, high end pvc tarps, canopies and tarp accessories by investing in a an effective user friendly web site

Tarpaflex - Stronger Than Ever

Today, Tarpaflex has three warehouses in Naples, Florida which gives them an enormous amount of warehouse space to stock the tarps for its customer's needs. Their inventory is vast, with tarps and tarp accessories imported from China, Vietnam, and India. Their ability to supply a client's tarpaulin and tarpaulin accessories needs is further enhanced by their network of U.S. suppliers. This means that in the extremely rare case that Tarpaflex does not have a specific tarp on site; they can get it quickly obtain it with minimal time loss to the client.