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Super Heavy Duty Olive Green PVC Tarps (18oz)

Super Heavy Olive Green Vinyl Tarps 18oz)

Super Heavy Olive Green Vinyl Tarps 18oz)

Tarpaflex Super Heavy Duty PVC Tarps are made from pvc coated polyester. The PVC tarp is therefore 100% waterproof. The hems of the tarp are reinforced with poly rope to provide a very durable strong long lasting cover. This tarp is the heaviest weight tarp Tarpaflex currently has available, so its our toughest tarp out there. Our PVC tarps are made with a very strong UV content, so if you are tired of buying tarps that rip and tear, buy this PVC tarp!

The extra pennies you will spend on this Super Heavy Duty Tarp PVC Tarp, it will provide you with a ultra strong and long living tarp that will work hard to provide you with all your covering requirements for years to come. Use it during the summer with its high UV protection or during Fall, Winter & Spring where it will blend naturally into its environment.

Please note: Shades of Green may vary slightly

Super Heavy Duty Olive PVC Tarp - Super Strong Duty PVC Tarpaulin
18 oz. Per Square Yrd. - PVC Coated Polyester

Tarps Size Disclaimer

* We strongly advise not to put excessive pressure on grommets, as this may cause damage to your tarp. We will not accept responsibility for pulled grommets as a result of product wear & tear or mis-use